Friday, August 12, 2011

That's My Boy...

Ethan is a Hilarious little boy. I use the word little meaning young, the kid is growing like a weed. Pants that fit him this winter are above his ankles and yet he still insist on wearing them. He has a silly boy sense of humor that as his mother I don't really get, but what mother does, right? He loves to say poopy, poop or anything he knows he shouldn't say. He normally does really well at not saying these 'naughty' words, but sometimes his deep inner boy takes over and it's almost like he can't control himself... He has done a few cute things lately that I wanted to document for him...

The other night I went up to Girls Camp and it was Ethan's turn to say family prayer. He said the sweetest prayer that "Mommy would travel home safely." He told Chris multiple times that he missed Mommy and wanted me to come home. Little things like that make me feel like I must be doing something right...

Ethan shares my love of music and I couldn't be more happy. Since being young he has picked up on songs and had favorites. A while ago his favorite song was "Lover, Lover, Lover" which if you aren't familiar with it, goes a little something like this... Lover, lover, lover you don't treat me no good no more. Once while sitting in church Ethan just out of nowhere blurts out "Lover, lover, lover you no treat me no good no more!" It was hilarious and a bit embarrassing all at the same time. I often wonder what songs he sings during primary when I'm not there to snap my fingers and give him my look. Anyways his newest favorite song is "Dirt Road Anthem." He sings this song ALL the time. Just this morning we listened to this song the entire ride to Grandma's. He loves to blurt the chorus out and I. LOVE. IT! My son was born to be a small town boy. It's so cute to hear him sing, "chillin on a dirt road, laid back, swerving like I'm George Jones, smoke blowing out the window an ice cold Dr Pepper in the console. Memory lane up in the headlights got me reminiscing on the good times." Dr. Pepper of course is not the beverage said, however we sing it that way... Ethan decided that he'd like to sing during church and started singing that song, which made Katelee sing along as well... All I could do was smile and laugh. The boy is passionate about his music

Ethan loves hanging out with his grandpas'. He especially loves hanging out with Grandpa Blackburn in the mountains. My brother and dad have wildlife cameras in the mountains trying to track a big elk for the hunting season. My dad will go up to the mountains and check his cameras and a few times he has invited Ethan to go with him. This is all Ethan will talk about for days when he gets back. It's so funny how I use to go up to the mountains all the time with my brother and father and now my son shares that same love with the same people I loved going with. I was given a small Christmas tree for Christmas and we decided to have Ethan take it up to the mountains with his grandpa. They planted the tree and Ethan has not forgotten. My son's best friend is his Grandpa. They do everything together and really enjoy each others company.

Every morning Ethan picks out long pants and boots to wear. Many mornings we have small disagreements on wearing pants when it's going to get over 110 degrees outside. And if he does wear shorts we have small disagreements on him wearing boots with them. He would wear jeans and boots every day if we let him.... His boots are nice boots. They are real cowboy boots, and now they are coming apart from the sole, that's how much he wears them. And he doesn't care, he will continue to wear them until they fall apart and we take them while he sleeps.

The other Sunday Ethan came home from church with a nice necklace with a picture of Jesus on it. We asked him how he got it and his explanation went a little bit like this:

Mommy: Ethan why did you get this necklace?

Ethan: Oh um, I have to give it back to my teacher..

Mommy: Well why did you get it?

Ethan: Well they told me to come up to the front of the room and then people stood up and said things like we like Ethan, Ethan is really nice and stuff like that.
Mommy: (almost laughing) So you got this because people like you?

Ethan: (shrugging) Yeah!

Come to find out they do a think in primary where they draw a name out and then have the kids in primary take turns telling Ethan why they like them, so I guess he was telling the truth! So funny!

Every night we do 'school' with the kids. Ethan's school takes a while longer because we go over more. We do numbers, letter and sounds, shapes and then writing. Quite a few nights we start school off with Ethan saying this... "Can we take a night off of numbers?" It cracks me up every time. He acts like they are so hard and time consuming. Other than that he does pretty good with it most nights! He is getting smarter and getting better at writing his letters. He starts pre-school next month and I'm anxious for him.

He says funny things and sweet things all the time and I'd love to share them all, but there are too many to put down. Just one more quick one. The other day Katelee feel off her chair at dinner and bumped her head. I was in the living room with her and Ethan came in to see her. He had a concerned look on his face and asked if she was ok. Katelee, of course, said no. To which Ethan replied, "Well, we will just ask Daddy to give you a blessing, then you'll feel better!" It almost made me cry!

This boy is crazy, sweet, loving, annoying and a holds a major chunk of my heart all at the same time. So glad to have him in my life!!!


Get Hooked said...

How sweet! I love that little boy! I wish I could see him more often. How about you guys come to Cedar Sept. 17th for Bonnie's block party so I can see him again?

Tenille said...

Get use to the potty talk. My boys are bad about it and get them around other boys and it becomes out of control. While I was in Vegas I had Logan in the car with us and they were going crazy. Making fart sounds, saying potty words and they were giggling so loud. Not sure what the appeal is but they find it pretty hilarious.

tiffunny said...

boys are just weird, but they are cute and totally know how to melt our hearts as mothers in a way our girls just can't.