Monday, August 15, 2011

Katelee's Ks

Katelee is doing very well with her colors and shapes. She knows all of her colors well. The only exception is brown which she calls black the majority of the time. Shapes she does ok at... Better some nights than others. She LOVES doing her own school. I'm pretty sure it's because she has seen Ethan doing it for so long she fells special that she is now included in the night time routine! We started doing K's about two weeks ago. K's are hard, right? How am I suppose to teach Katelee how to write a K? Wow... But I'd say she is doing pretty good...Just now I thought how I should have a first day of writing K's picture... It was basically parallel lines. I taught her by saying draw a line down and then in and out! Cheesy? Sure, but it works! Amazing how my patience has increased when it comes to the kids and teaching them 'school' things. But that is another post all together! I had to put two pictures of Kate... Her smile is different in each one, but the pride in her eyes is the same!
Katelee is such a joy when it comes to learning. She takes it all in and does well remembering things! She looks up to her brother and wants to be just like him.. Even wanting to do the alphabet already. I'm not sure I'm ready to start that all over again, but if not now, when? So we do A-F... That's about all I can take in one night! So proud of our little Katelee, next we start working on a lowercase 'a'! Ya! Keep it up girl!


Jerry and Sarah said...

Wow, I'm so impressed and a little embarrassed that I haven't even thought of teaching Syd to write letters. She's such a smartie!

Tenille said...

Sweetie just got your letter in the mail yesterday. Totally made my day. Can't remember the last time I got a hand written letter in the mail. Thanks so much for thinking of us and taking the time to write me and keeping us in your prayers. It means so much to me. We definitely need to get together again sometime and reminisce. In fact just the other day Brady was watching the Braves play and I asked if Chipper Jones still played (joking) and he said yes and I couldn't believe it. I remember you had the biggest crush on him in middle school and here we are years later and he is still there. Anyways thought of you when I saw him play. Good times. Anyways thanks again for the letter. It helped me so much and made me realize how blessed I am to have such an awesome family.

tiffunny said...

you guys are doing a great job of raising your little ones. good job Katelee. keep up the good work.