Monday, March 7, 2011

Katelee-Future Mother

Katelee is already practicing to be a mother one day.
She has always loved dolls and holding them, rocking them and singing to them. But now she has especially gotten good at feeding them and burping them. She even puts the burp cloth on them just in case they spit up. The other day I was driving and looked back at her. There she was in her car seat burping her baby. Not just burping her over her shoulder but with the baby sitting up on her lap. She already has such a good technique perhaps better than her real mother!
Along with being a mother to her dolls she loves to practice on Ethan as well. She is constantly telling him not to say certain things, weather he has said them or not. She will tell him to sit down, eat your food, no treat for you and many more things. One of my favorite things she likes to do is count him down. If we tell him to do something and start counting, well so does Katelee and instead of stopping when he starts doing what he has been asked she will continue up to about 12 and then usually follow it up with something like, "you don't get a fruit snack now" or "No book for you!"
Katelee is in tune with her divine role here on this earth already and if she keeps it up I'm pretty sure she is going to be a great mother one day!

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tiffunny said...

too cute. it's funny how they're born with that instinct already so strong.