Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's Been Going On....

I haven't been blogging lately and it's not because our life is so boring there is nothing to talk about, it's as simple as being WAY TOO crazy busy!!! So here are some bullet points of what we have been doing....

  • Trying to Potty Train Katelee... Not going well at all. The poor girl is too much like me. "What a joy" you might be saying, however if you know the real me you know it means she is STUBBORN!!! At times she refuses to even mention the toilet and other times she will sit there and read books but that is all! I thought they always said "Girls are easier to potty train!" Well I will have to say that is false in our case!

  • We had a great Christmas. The kids had a lot of fun! Katelee got some Baby Dolls and a Baby Doll bunk bed from Santa. Ethan got a big truck with trailer that is also remote control. Hopefully I will get some pictures of Christmas up and even a post...

  • We had a very nice New Year's Eve. We Celebrated by going over to my sister's house. It was just Anna, Enrique, Emily, My parents and our family. We had our good food, played games and celebrated with New York. We had my parents dropped off and we were home before 10:30pm. Since I became a mother I really feel that staying up till Midnight is very overrated! Plus the kids were up BRIGHT and EARLY the next day!

  • We purchased a new Vehicle.... It's a brand new Dodge Caravan. Only a year ago I would have laughed at the thought of us owning a minivan... However, an SUV big enough to hold 3 kids, one in a booster and two in car seats are WAY out of our budget and they don't come with the storage room we need when we travel! I like to think of us owning a minivan as a very good sign that I am able to humble myself, somewhat! I love the van, the kids love the van and Chris really enjoys driving it. It was a stressful week or two trying to make sure we didn't get ripped too bad. We really did a good job... We got the price we wanted and 0% financing on top of that! There is so much room and we got the entertainment package... Amazing is all I can say. The kids sit on different rows and there is no more hitting, biting and arguing! Hopefully I will get a picture of the new Van on here soon.

  • Next month we are having baby number 3... Yes NEXT MONTH!!!! I think you all might be ok with that, but YIKES is all I can say!!! The babies room is still a mess, however the crib has been set up for a while now, so the baby will at least have somewhere to sleep... The pregnancy is going great. My Dr. thinks I'm perfect, I would love to believe him, however I am paying him quite a bit of money, so I think his opinion might be a bit self serving!

  • Chris has class Monday through Thursday 8am-5pm this semester. Friday is designated as a "reading day" and it really is a day that has to be used as a study day. Every night he studies after Katelee goes down for bed. This gives me and Ethan some good bonding time, but being confined to upstairs really limits what we can do. This schedule is really taking a toll on Chris, but we just keep reminding each other we only have another year and a half left! (Funny side story about this. The other night Ethan asked Chris was he was going to do that night. Chris said, "I have to read." Ethan looked at his dad and said, "But Dad, that is going to make you tired!" Then while Ethan and I were upstairs Ethan looked at me and said, "Should I go wake Daddy up?" I laughed and told him I'm sure Daddy isn't sleeping. But it was so funny!)

  • My Bank has been officially moved to Flamingo and Durango. Joy! This has really put a wrinkle in days. Both Chris and I now leave the house by 7am. Chris drops the kids off in the morning and I head to work. I will be getting off work hopefully around 4pm to pick the kids up. Of course with this being our first week at the new location I haven't held my end of the bargain and my poor mother has had the kids for 10 hours a few days. I feel horrible about that and know it has to change. I am so tired now when I get home because we are getting up at 5:45am and I'm not getting to bed any earlier. There are still things that have to be done when we get home.... But we will get into a routine and get use to it in no time, I'm sure! (At least I keep telling myself that!)

  • We signed Ethan up for T-Ball on Saturday. I looked into little league a while ago and saw that the kids had to be 5 to play, so I figured we would have to wait until next year. Then Saturday comes along and my brother calls and tells me to get Ethan down to the Wendy's and sign him up for T-Ball. After confirming the age with the guys in charge we headed down to Wendy's. I think Chris and I were more excited than Ethan, but he is the silent excited type. Later that day he told Grandma Alberta he was afraid he wasn't going to be any good... I am pretty sure he will do great, it's kinda in his blood! Having a son about to play T-ball kinda makes me feel old... But I'm so excited!

So when I get some more time I will update the blog with some cute pictures!

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tiffunny said...

your bank isn't too far from my house. That's where we go if we want Wendy's or Blockbuster - oh and there's a Winchells there too. I can't believe you are almost done being pregnant! That went fast for me! ;) And congrats on the new car. We love our Chrysler Town & Country. We did like you & got it brand new with all the bells & whistles. I had planned out which SUV i was going to buy & everything, but then couldn't deny how much more convenient, comfortable & just downright luxurious the van was in comparison! When you have small kids, they are heaven sent! Welcome to the swagger wagon club!