Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas... Finally

I know, I know... It's over a month past Christmas and I'm just now posting pictures. Sorry, things got a little busy. But better late than never, right? So we followed through with some family traditions that we have started. We went caroling to some elderly people in my parent's ward and passed out treats. The kids really enjoyed doing that this year, I hope they continue to enjoy that. It means so much to those people to have the whole Blackburn family stop by. Maybe not sing, but at least the company and goodies are nice! After that everyone else headed over to the house in N. Las Vegas... Chris and I headed out to the car dealership to purchase our new minivan, but we sent the camera with my parents and got some good photos. All of the Blackburn Grandchildren! It's so crazy to see these four kids and think how much our little family of 5 has grown!
Aunt Anna rode with the kids on the train! They all had a blast!

Then came Christmas Eve. We always have the nativity acted out by the kids and then Santa comes by and then we eat sandwiches and goodies. The kids did such a good job on the nativity, they participated and even stood in their spots for quite a while!

Here is Katelee the Camel! She didn't really like her costume until she saw Maddy dressed as a donkey then it magically became ok!
And Ethan was a Shepard. He was so cute!!!
And Emily was a little Angel, of course!

Here is the whole group! It was a good Nativity!

Ethan looks so grown up sitting on Santa's lap. He of course was not scared at all this year, and told Santa exactly what he wanted!

Miss Katlee was a little afraid but she really wanted a new Baby Doll so she went up there and was brave! All for the sake of a new doll.... Such a girl!

Before the program we went over to my parent's house and we were able to open our PJs from Grandma and Grandpa Blackburn. After the program we then went to Nelson's house and we were able to open our PJs from Grandma and Grandpa Nelson. When we got home the kids went to bed and the parents were not far behind! (wink wink! We wish!)

This was our tree with all the gifts! They were all packed in there nice and tight!
And this is what our living room looked like AFTER Santa came!
Looks like fun to me!

Those are the kids' piles of presents.

I came downstairs and let our parent's, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Brian in and then Chris let the kids come downstairs. On Christmas morning I heard the kids talking and got up to get them. They were both sitting in the den just talking. When I asked them if they wanted to see if Santa came they both smiled, as if to say, "duh!" It was the cutest thing, you could see the excitement in their eyes! I love that look!
Katelee was a little hesitant to come downstairs, I think she was just a little intimidated by all the noise and people down there at such an early hour. (6:30-7:00) Ethan on the other hand was all for the presents and fun!
This was our house AFTER the opening of gifts was completed! WOW, is all I could say!
After getting dressed in some new clothes we went over to Maddy's house to see what all they got and then headed over to my parent's house to see what they got. After that we then went to the 7-11 by my work and saw the lady that works there. We did this last year as well and she really enjoyed it so I thought, "hey lets do it again, make her Christmas a little more special!" Plus the kids get a Slurpee, so you know they aren't passing that opportunity up!
After that we went to Nelson's to see Uncle Brent and then headed over to the Howard's for Christmas lunch. That was a fun time and then later we headed back over to Nelson's to have dinner and spend time with the family! Then it was off to our house and time for bed, finally!
I love Christmas, I love the reason for the season and I love spending so much time with our families! It is always a little bit of a relief to have it over, as sad as that sounds. It gets so busy going from one place to the other, but since it's only 1 day a year it's all worth it! Merry Christmas to EVERYONE! We hope your Christmas was as much fun and full of love as ours was!

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Get Hooked said...

I thought I was the last to post on Christmas! I beat you by a day! I miss The Blackburn's. Looks like a great Christmas. Hopefull I will see you this weekend.