Monday, November 22, 2010

September-Katelee's Birthday Party

Ok, I know it's November and I'm just getting Katelee's Birthday party up... Such is life. I am still in awe that my little girl is already 2 years old! It seriously doesn't seem like it has been two years since we brought her home! But I guess she has gotten a lot bigger than a few of the pictures below!Katelee the week she came home from the hospital! Notice from an early age she had a scowl on her face! We should have known then that she would be like she is now...Another picture from her first week home... Such a sweet little girl!Here is Katelee at her first birthday! Notice not much hair... As her mother I loved it, it meant I didn't have to do it all the time!
And here is Katelee a little before her birthday party started. She had her tiara on and a barbie. She may be the best Tom Boy I know. She loves to wrestle yet loves her dollies too! Luckily I haven't caught her wrestling her dollies yet, although I'm sure it will come.

Katelee LOVES Elmo and so when I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, of course she said Elmo. I made this same cake for Ethan's 2nd party so I felt like I was robbing her a little, but it was a whole lot easier to do than some princess one!
I just had to add this picture. I love that little smile she has when she is being nice!
Katelee did pretty good on her cake...
She did have to be changed afterwards, but that is what Birthday cakes are for, right?
Oh how we love having this little girl in our house. She is a very special girl and no matter how much I complain about her little (or large) attitude I don't think we would want her any other way. I see her as the girl that intimidates the boys and isn't afraid to speak her mind. I pray she will be a good example to her soon to be little sister! I hope she shows her how to be tough and cute all at the same time! I hope Katelee can continue to stand her ground and not back down when she has a belief in something! I have so many hopes for my little lady.... I know she will continue to make her mommy and daddy proud and fill our home with her crazy love for always!!! We love you Katelee!!!

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Heidi said...

Cute cake!! I love her tiara! What a little princess, with a scowl! =)