Friday, March 6, 2009

Don't Forget About Soley!

It has come to our realization lately that poor little Soley is being left out a lot of the time! So I wanted to give her, her very own post. Soley was born almost 4 years ago this month or next month... I'm not exactly sure! We first brought her to live at our house June 22, 2005. From that day forward she was officially a part of our family. She is loved by the Gubler family as well, as they were her very first family for the first 6-8 weeks of her life. Thank you Gubler's for letting us have her and for taking such great care of her!
Soley is a very well behaved dog and we take that for granted a lot of the time. She doesn't bark much and usually when she does it is like a whisper bark because she knows we don't like her barking. Some of my favorite things about her are she is very low maintenance, just play tug with her for a minute or so and she is good for a week. She is really good with the kids. Ethan is very mean to her most of the time, however she is always willing to give him another try! Soley is always there to make you feel special, she loves to go for walks and loves it even more when you pet her. She can be pretty annoying to, always wanting to be on your lap or touching you. Her nails grow pretty fast which is pretty annoying, and when it rains she will only go to the bathroom on the back patio. Even when the rain has stopped she will continue to poop and pee on the cement for the next 2-3 weeks!
We always tease about giving her away, but when someone actually took us up on the offer I cried that night just thinking about how sad it would be to not have her around. So we have stopped offering her to people and have started to enjoy her and appreciate her more! So to Soley, if you are reading this (did I mention she could read? ) WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH and are grateful you are part of our family!


Heidi said...

Solay...since you are reading this, let me just say...I am glad you were adopted by the Nelson's!! In you miss your mommy?? Why don't you convince the Nelson's to adopt Lucky too!! =)

Steph said...

love the crotch scene of chris. At first i thought it was a pillow she was laying on. Haha. Tell Chris congrats for getting into PT school. How awesome is that. What a man. Three years will go by so fast too,then her will be making the big bucks right? Your kids are adorable. love all the pics.

tiffunny said...

My kids still miss that dog! And they always beg to keep Lucky too. No thanks! Soley was a really cute little puppy though. I still look at pictures i have of her & remember what a cutie she was. I don't think i've seen her since she lived at my moms.

Keever Family said...

I would love to see Ethan again and meet Katelee. I love kissing chubby cheeks! I think Kaiser is feeling left out too. I try to make it up to him by spending some alone time with him on the weekends, our favorite thing is going to the dogpark, just the two of us. I am getting bad, I forgot to wish you a happy birthday last week. With my two teething together, I am forgetting a lot of things!