Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ethan and Katelee's School Pictures 2015-2016

 Ethan is in 3rd grade this year and doing pretty good.  His teacher is Ms. Pippin who happens to be the best thing ever for him.  She is patient, a lover of crazy boys and a fantastic teacher.  She has come to a baseball game he invited her to and even came to his last Pinewood Derby competition.  He loves being in her class.  His grades aren't the best but it's mostly because the boy wont take his time to complete anything.  He thinks he has to rush through everything.  He is a smart kid he just needs to learn to slow down and not make mistakes.  Ethan is still the kid in class that drives everyone crazy with his contact noises and fidgeting.  If only we knew where he got that from.  He also loves to tell jokes.  He has adapted very well to the new school and has made friends easily.  The kid will talk to anyone and play with anyone as well. 

Katelee is in 2nd grade as is doing very well.  She is still our quiet girl that only speaks to the teacher when spoken to.  She hesitates to answer questions just out of a need to always be right.  She is usually right, but will still hesitate to answer and will not raise her hand at all.  She is best friends with a girl named Emily in her class, which is great.  Emily is a great example and also a very good student.  Katelee pretty high on the GATE (Gifted, blah blah blah) test and was asked to take a few more test to see if she would be accepted into that program.  We haven't really talked much about it with her because we don't want her to feel any pressure.  I'm indifferent either way.  She always aces her spelling tests with no real studying.  Katelee was told by the library assistant that she could only check out one joke book per week, which she wasn't too happy about.  She loves to read jokes to us all the time.  Her grades are nearly perfect and we never have to really get on her about anything with school, except talking to her teacher.

Ethan and Katelee are quite opposites when it comes to school.  I have a feeling Ashlee is going to be much more similar to her brother in school than to Katelee.  So far we love our new school.  Everyone is very nice and the teacher we have so far have been great!