Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Missing My Mother-in-Law

One day in 2012 I was sitting in the break room at work thumbing through the paper.  I came across a request for Mother-in-Law stories for the upcoming Mother's Day Issue.  The request was for stories about how your Mother-in-Law has helped make your life easier.  I took the paper back to my desk and immediately emailed the reporter with my story.  I didn't expect to hear back from them, honestly.  I figured they would have so many submissions they were quickly glaze over mine, but I was wrong.  The reported called me soon after and asked if she could use my story and get more information from me.  I spoke with her for quite a while and then one day they asked to come to her home to take pictures with us.  I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.  We took the pictures and then that Mother's Day the following article was published.

When I first met my husband, I loved his mother. She was so sweet and genuinely kind. I figured from all I ever heard about mothers-in-law, all that would change when we got married.
But I was wrong.
She continues to be one of our biggest fans and supporters. We have borrowed her car multiple times for out-of-town trips and left her with our old car, which is really hers. She has let us use it the whole time my husband has been in school. She has taken her job as grandmother very seriously, being there for all of the celebrations in our kids' lives, from birthday parties, T-ball games, tumbling classes and early morning Christmas present openings.
I have come home to flowers and a gift on my table many times from my mother-in-law for no reason at all. I can go to her for anything and know that she will always listen and she only gives advice when asked for it. Even if she doesn't agree with something we choose to do, she keeps her opinion to herself and lets us live our lives and learn from our own adventures.
I currently work a full-time job and my husband is a full-time student. My mother-in-law takes my son to preschool three days a week with no complaint at all. I hear friends talk about their mothers-in-law and I am so thankful all over again for the mother-in-law I have been blessed with!
- Sent by daughter-in-law Hilary Nelson

Next month will be 2 years that Karolyn has not been with us here on earth....  2 LONG LONG years!  So much has happened and it's sad that she wasn't here in person to see it all and be apart of it all!  There are some days, like today, where I just miss her!  I sit at work and my mind keeps wandering back to her, my thoughts trail back to something she use to say or do.  I can't tell you why today, of all days, I miss her more than normal, I just do.  Perhaps it's because Ashlee has her very first t-ball practice and I'm sad that Karolyn wont get to see her play.  (I'm pretty sure she will make it a very entertaining season)  Perhaps it's because Ethan has been missing her a bit lately, or maybe it's because I know how much Chris misses her and today it's just all caught up to me.  I don't know why, but today I just really really miss my mother-in-law. 

There are tender times when I hold my sweet Brynlee, the granddaughter that never knew her in person, and I feel so close to her.  I can almost hear her talking and feel her sweet spirit.  Sometimes it's just the feeling I need to feel better that night.  Sometimes my sweet baby will gaze off in the distance and smile and seem to be somewhere else, even just for a moment.  Sometimes the kids will say something so sweet and innocent like, "Grandma's favorite color was brown because that is what color the couch was and she was always sitting and laying on the couch." and my heart desires nothing more than to see her laying on the couch once more, with her glasses off and her hair a bit messed up.  Today I wish I could call her and just tell her I love her, just so I'm positive she knows.  Sure, I know she knew I loved her, but I'd love to tell her that again in person.  

So today I will miss my Mother-in-Law, I will relive a few of our memories and laugh to myself at the silly things she would say.  I will shed a tear or two, or three and feel bad for myself for a little bit and then I will rejoice in the Plan of Salvation that allows me and my family to see her and love her and hug her again one day........    

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Ashlee Merback said...

Such a sweet tribute to your MIL. She was lucky to have you, just like you were blessed to have her. She was far too young to leave you guys here alone, but I do know she is watching closely over your cute family! Hugs sweet friend.