Sunday, November 11, 2012

Random Update...

So, It has been quite some time since I gave an update on the Nelson Family!  This household seems to be quite busy lately and it has shown in my lack of blogging.  So here we go...

On Labor day Chris and I both had the day off of work and so we took the kids to Red Rock for a hike.  We have never done this as a family but it is something we will be doing again!!!  We packed a lunch and really enjoyed the day.  Ashlee rode on Chris's shoulders the whole time and LOVED it!  Ethan and Kate were troopers for the hike and loved being in the wilderness...
 Here is a picture of Daddy and Ashlee finishing up the hike.  We let her walk and she loved that too!

 Ashlee is a huge lover of hats and dolls.  She will keep a hat on her head forever if she feels like it.  It has to be her idea though.  She loves to give hugs to her baby dolls and pushes them around in the stroller all the time.
 Once again, Ashlee is a character.  She loves to be silly and make people laugh.  One night she was being super grouchy and so I gave in and gave her a binky and the next thing I knew she had two of them and they were both in her mouth at the same time!
 Ethan loves him some boots.  Aunt Lisa buys him the nice boots and Ethan wears them down fast.  The last boots he got were brown and soon had a hole in the front so when Chris and I went on a date one night we stopped by Sams Town and got him some new ones for school!  He of course loved them and wears them everywhere.  We like the black ones because they seem classy enough to wear to church too!
 The other day while cleaning out Ethan's backpack for the day I noticed he had a progress report.  I was a little hesitant to look at it since Ethan can be pretty crazy!  Well how surprised was I to see this!  The one thing that stuck out to me was he got all "E's" I was one happy momma.  I told Ethan he could have a happy meal, that is quite amazing for me....  Way to go Ethan.  He has really done well with school and I'm so thankful for that!
 Just a silly picture of Ashlee.  We were out driving around the other day and pretty soon she went quite and this is why!
 We had an old family friend get married and we were able to attend.  I always like having a reason to dress up and dance.  These pictures were just silly ones we took.  As you can see Enrique fits into our family just fine!
 And here is our cowboy.  We put him in short, flip flops, dress shirt and tie because the wedding was outside.  His cowboy hat was in the van and when we got out he decided he also wanted to wear it.  So needless to say he stuck out but he loved it!  This is our little cowboy!
 Here is a better picture of all of us, except Emily.  I guess she wasn't feeling the happiness of the occasion.
 One night for family home evening we colored a sheet together as a family.  Even Ashlee got involved in it.  It was a lot of fun!
 I had a Compliance Conference in San Diego last month that was four days long.  I had three nights away from my family and that was tough.  However the view from my room and the solid nights sleep was pretty nice!  Here is the view from my room...
 And another...
 Dinner one night...
 And one night we walked down to the beach, which was very nice.  It was a little chilly, but fun!  I was however, very excited to get home to see my family!
 For Columbus day I had the day off and got to work in Ethan's class and then spend the rest of the day with the kids.  I was making dinner and I guess Ashlee was hungry because she climbed on up to the table and just gave me the look of, "feed me mom!"  We had to wait for dad to get home which didn't make her too happy...  But eventually she was feed and much happier!
We have been staying busy and hopefully I will get things all caught up soon! 

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