Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ethan's First Day of Kindergarten

Monday August 27, 2012
It seems like we have been waiting for this day to come for sometime and now that it is here we aren't quite ready for it.  Ethan attended a small preschool in Henderson run by someone we knew from our ward.  Ms. Kacy did a great job at getting Ethan ready for school.  As the date got closer we talked about school and what he could expect.  On August first both my mother and I mentioned to Ethan that he started school this month.  He wasn't at all excited and told us that he was nervous.  Chris and I decided that we needed to make going to school seem like fun and exciting.  We decided we could do this by taking him out by himself school shopping.  We started with lunch and then went to get supplies.  After that Ethan seemed to be more excited about going to school.  Which made me a little less nervous as well.  
I recently started a new job, but I requested the first day of school off so I could be the one to drop him off and pick him up on the first day.  I didn't have any time off saved up but this job is a lot nicer than my last and they let me cheat a little.  We all got up early and got ready for school.  It was quite stressful for me trying to get myself ready and all the other kids too....  But we finally made it out after we snapped a quick picture outside our house.
 All of us including Dad hoped in the car and headed over to the chaotic school.  I have never really considered how crazy dropping Ethan off was going to be.  It is quite annoying.  I was already a little nervous and stressed so the traffic and chaos added to it.
 I read somewhere that school starts at 8, and they take the kids inside at 7:45, well we got there right at 7:45 and the kids were already in the room.  The other Kindergarten teacher was outside and told us we could just knock on the door.  So we knocked on the door and I snapped a quick picture....
 The door opened up and in he went with no look back.  I was proud, so proud of my guy for not being scared at all.  As I walked back to the rest of the clan I felt fine and then Katelee asked where we were going now.  I got a little chocked up and paused before I responded.  I finally answer her and Chris said, "Are you crying?"  I just laughed and explained that I was a little upset that his first day of school he didn't even get to play or get a picture with his teacher...  It just seemed so typical of me as a mother. 

Us girls went over to our friends house and hung out until it was time to pick Ethan up.  Our friend, Kira, will be picking Ethan up from school each day and taking him over to Grandma's house or keeping him until we pick him up.  So we all went over there so Ethan could know that Kira knew where to get him and she knew where to get him.  As we waited in line to get Ethan I could see him sitting right by the door.  He looked so big all ready to go.  I waived at him and he waived back.  I probably could have cried just seeing him looking so old and cute, but I didn't!
 We got a picture of him by the school sign but he was not really excited about it so I made it quick...
All in all Ethan's first day of school was good.  He had fun, I didn't have a break down and we started a new chapter in our life.  So far the dropping off has gotten better, we are getting into a grove of dropping Ethan off and making it to work on time.  We see a lot of our friends during drop off and that has been fun.  Ethan hates homework already but whatever, hopefully he will eventually get over that....

We have really been so blessed to have such great friends and family in our life.  So many people have volunteered to help us out, help drop off and pick up when we need the help and everything else.  This whole having a child in school thing has been so stressful for me.  Trying to figure out how to get Ethan from school and other things, but so many people have been so great.  We are so blessed.

I can't believe that I have a child in Kindergarten...  It might sound weird but dropping my son off every morning kind of makes me feel like a better mother, like I'm actually doing something that other mothers do...  It kinda really fun, crazy traffic and parents and all...  Congrats Buddy!  

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Get Hooked said...

Yay for kindergarten. I actually cried last year saying good bye to our kindergarten teacher. We had her for two years. No teacher will ever measure up to her. Kindergarten now holds a special spot in my heart. Congrats mom!