Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg Roll 2012

Saturday we did our family tradition of rolling Easter Eggs. Of course this has evolved quite a bit. When I was a child we would go to Cashmen Field and ROLL our eggs down the hill and then we would roll down the hill. Now a days we might roll the eggs down once and then it turns into an Egg THROWING... The kids love it and so do the adults! I think if my Grandma Stewart was alive she might have a heart attack with us throwing the eggs... :)

All of the Blackburn Grand kids were there as well as Grandma Nelson, Aunt RaNae, UJ, Tayler and Carrie.

All of the kids lined up and the rolling/throwing began. It can be quite dangerous standing at the bottom of the hill... But we braved it out! After we have thrown all the eggs we can and our skin starts to get a bit hot we head over to Howard's house for food and egg hiding.

Here is just a sampling of our egg rolling.
Ethan always gets really into throwing the eggs and chasing people around. Katelee does a little of both and Ashlee had an absolute blast. She would suck on the eggs and then towards the end she actually figured out how to roll them. She sat there the whole time and watched and played. I love when they are this age and so much fun to watch as they take everything in. Especially when we do a family tradition that they will remember their whole life.

I love spending the Saturday before Easter with our families. I have very fond memories of egg rolling and hiding eggs with my family. I can still remember trying to hide eggs from my dad and him being able to find them every time. I hope that my kids have the same fond memories about the Easter season as I do.

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