Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ethan is 5... How Did That Happen?

Ok, so I cannot deny that I have REALLY slacked in the Blogging business. I have my reasons and they will be posted later. However I need to write about Ethan since he is now five. I can't find my memory card with pictures so this will just be an Ethan update and I'll do a birthday post later when I find my camera

Ethan is growing like a weed and I don't know how to make him stop. The kid is getting so tall and skinny. Because Ethan's birthday is past the cut off for school he didn't start Kindergarten this year, but he will next year. Instead we enrolled him in preschool with an old friend on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. This school is out in Henderson so Grandma Snickers takes him on those days. This has been a nice break for Grandma Jiggs, who at times has five kids all day long. Ethan loves school, most of the time. A lot of times he will say he doesn't want to go and when I talk with him about it, he really just feels like he is learning too much. He will say, "it's just hard learning so much, it makes my brain hurt!" I love that he thinks this way, such a boy! He always goes no matter what and he never gives Grandma any problems with it. Everyday they either learn a new letter or review the letter they learned the previous day. He already knew his alphabet, but now he is getting more familiar with them and learning how to properly write them as well. There are five other kids in his class and he gets along with all of them. For Ethan's birthday I got off of work early and as a family we took donuts for his class. He was so excited to see us and it made us all feel special.

Ethan is still a caring boy, he really does try to be sensitive to peoples feelings. If he sees someone not happy he will ask them if they are ok. He also has a very, VERY good memory. He can remember what color trucks were, what kind of truck they were and what he was wearing when he saw them. He remembers what you have told him, if it is in him favor. He loves his Little Little sister and just adores her. Ashlee can get mean at times and grab faces and pull but Ethan never gets upset about it. He always just lets her do it, much to my dismay. He will laugh at her and she in turn with do the same. Anything Ethan does is funny to his Little Little sister. And he just EATS. IT. UP!!

Ethan and his little sister Katelee have a very rich love/hate relationship. One minute they will be best friends, playing so nicely together and being polite to each other and then the next they are yelling, wrestling and not being nice at all. They both know how to be mean and they do it very well to each other. However, at the end of the day they both love each other and don't like it when someone else is not nice to the other. Ethan will often times tell me "don't talk to my sister like that!" It cracks me up because at times when the kids yell or say something mean to Chris I point out that Chris is my husband and I don't want them to talk to him like that. Kids really do listen to anything you say!

Ethan will be moving on to CTR5 next year in Primary and he is very excited for that. I think he might be more excited about Katelee being in Primary with him though. He is making quite a few friends in primary and even knows their names. He takes after his dad with respect to that. The other day at dinner Ethan was telling us some stuff that was going on in primary and he said, "oh and those two boys that look alike, their birthday is this month and they are turning 8!" Those two boys happen to be a set of twins in our ward, but I knew exactly who he was talking about. He says little things like that, that just make my heart smile. His CTR 4 teachers were very good to Ethan, and knew how to handle his crazy spirit. They even came to one of his t-ball games as a family. Ethan really liked that! Ethan and his parents will miss the Fabians and hope his next teacher is just as AWESOME!

Ethan is a mama's boy and I love it. He loves to hug me and talk with me. He loves to play with my hair as we talk and I try my hardest not to get annoyed by it. We have many "deep" for a five year old conversations about things. One example of this was in regards to the passing of my cousin recently. Ethan, Chris, Grandpa Jiggs, Uncle Matt, Cousin Brian and I went four wheeling not that long ago so Ethan really knew who Brian was. (he remembers special things extra well such as four wheeling, Jeep adventures or cool trucks) One day on our way to Grandma Jiggs for the day Brian was brought up in conversation. He asked again why Brian had died and I explained again that his heart had stopped beating. Then he said "well I sure hope he is alive the next time we go four wheeling!" I was a little choked up so it took a minute to reply, when I did I said, "Sorry buddy, Cousin Brian died, he wont be able to do that with us again on earth." Without skipping a beat my little guy said, "well Jesus came back to life in three days, when will Brian?" So we talked about the resurrection and then out of nowhere Katelee said, "Cousin Brian died?" Ethan kind of hit his forehead and said "duh, a while ago!" it was so funny, and really brought laughing in a time most needed! Ethan thinks things through and wants to know why, how, when and what in all cases. He is usually never satisfied with the answer, "that's just how it works." He wants to know why.

Ethan is a typical boy and loves BIG TRUCKS, sports, hunting, guns and anything boy. He has learned how to climb up to the top bunk with no ladder and how to get down as well. He thinks he is pretty cool when he sneaks into bed with Katelee and I can't find him. He is a big help cleaning up after dinner, most nights. He loves to ride his bike and go as fast as he can. He doesn't really like to do his school homework and kinda pitches a fit every time I say it's time to do school work. He would rather be playing with his cars or tackling his sister than do anything close to school work. He constantly asks me when I'm going to have the day off forever. He loves when he asks if I have the day off tomorrow and the answer is yes. He will jump up and down and be so happy! He knows how to make me one happy mother!

I know I say it all the time, but Ethan is so special to me. He made me a mother and he has loved me from the very start and I, him! He can drive us all crazy at times, but he can make us all laugh and be silly too!

The day Ethan was born will always be a great day in our life! We love you bubby!!


Ashlee Merback said...

I cannot believe he is five. Five is a HUGE birthday because they are no longer little anymore. I love that he wants you to have a long day off...I do too! Counting the days til you can have all your days off, move into my neighborhood and play with us all the time! Happy birthday Ethan!

Brandi said...

Hoping Ethan's 5th birthday was awesome!! How (no really, HOW?) is he already five?? :o) :o(