Friday, July 8, 2011


We have all been blessed with Miracles in our lives weather we acknowledge them or not. I have seen many small and large miracles in my life and fear that I don't show my gratitude enough for them. Some of my large miracles include,

  • All three of my children, their good health and abounding love for me as their mother.

  • Their safe arrival here on earth and my good health while pregnant with them.

  • Meeting my husband and having him in my life FOREVER!

  • Having a Wonderful family that has stood by me through good and bad.

  • Meeting amazing friends that are always there for me no matter what!

There are so many small miracles in my life that I won't try to name them all. I know without a doubt that I have been blessed beyond belief. My cousin and her three small children were involved in a very serious accident a week ago while they traveled home. From the moment I heard about the accident I have had a pit in my stomach. Many, many thoughts have run through my mind as I have thought about this incident. I am so thankful for the safety of my cousin and her beautiful and crazy kids, but more thankful for the reminders it has given me. This incident has reminded me that:

  • Any ones life can change in a blink of an eye. Life is so fragile and sweet, we must not take it for granted or get complacent. Every day is a gift and a new opportunity to do something good!

  • Prayers are answered. Before my cousin got on the highway she pulled over and had her son offer a pray for their trip. He prayed that they would be protected, and his prayer was answered!

  • Family and Friends are always willing to help out no matter what the problem, situation or time is!

  • This world isn't that bad. So many people came to help her out in her deepest time of need. Makes me look around and see the good in things and people before the bad.

  • Angels are real. Sometimes people beyond the veil are their to help us out and pull us through something we don't feel we can do on our own.

  • We are our Heavenly Father's children, he loves us and wants only the best for each of us. He allows each of us to learn and grow in different ways. Being our Father he knows which way is best for each of us!

  • Miracles still happen to this day, they haven't stopped... All we have to do is realize and see them in our lives.

I have included her post from a blog that she shares with her sisters so you can read for yourself her experience! So grateful for Miracles!!!

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Heidi said...

So true Hilary! Miracles happen every day, we just need to recognize them and be thankful for them and live worthy to be a part of them! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!