Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Thoughts.....

I did a lot of thinking while I was driving around today and I thought I'd share some of them with you, but most of all with my kids when they are old enough to read.
1. On my way to work I was listening to some Meat Loaf and heard a profound quote. "We'll never be as young as we are right now!" I often complain that my body hurts. I complain that I'm getting old too fast and these words struck me in a few different ways! I get so wrapped up in wishing for tomorrow, the weekend, next month, next year, Chris to finish school or some other point in the future. How important it is for me to focus on the "Right Now" part of my life and my kids' life! Tomorrow when I wake up my kids will be a day older and so will I, we will never get younger. My mother gave me a framed quote for Christmas one year that said, "Little boys should never be sent to bed, they only wake up a day older!" Each day my kids do something new that reminds me that they are growing up. As I look at them sleeping in their beds I notice that pretty soon Ethan is going to need a bigger bed. He is getting close to hanging off the end. I notice that Katelee looks so big in her little crib and then I remember when both Katelee and Ethan were so small they looked lost in that same crib. Chris always laughs at me when I say I'm getting old. When you are young you never think that little things like aches and pains will stop you from doing stuff, but boy they do. I know, I'm not that old, Chris will always be 5 years older than me, but I guess I just never thought I would change. I guess I thought I'd always be able to go run and be pain free, or be able to kneel down and not have any problem getting back up! Silly me. How I need to learn to embrace each day, be grateful I have the health I have, be grateful that my kids can do the things I once could and now can't! So I'm going to live it up today because tomorrow I'm only going to be older!

2. I saw a really nice Corvette yesterday and it had this on it's license plate, "IDODIVC" What a city we live...What a world we live in. Here this man makes tons of money from people who's lives are torn apart. He makes his money from heartache and here he is publishing it to the world. Bragging to the world that because he is a divorce attorney he is driving a brand new Corvette. I wanted to hit him. But I took the higher, much cheaper road :). I only vented in my head about how sad it was that this man had so much money because so many people are hurting and get divorces. In today's world so many people are affected by divorces. Not only the husband and wife, but the kids and eventually their posterity...... That is all for this one!

3. I got to stay home with my kids and baby Emily on Monday and I loved it! It was tough, of course, but I really enjoyed spending so much time with my kids and niece. When I went back to work Tuesday I was really thinking I would have a great day because Monday was so busy, however after reading only 20 e-mails from the day I missed I was ready to stay at home FOREVER with my kids. I have always enjoyed my job and most days I still do, but I so enjoyed my time at home with the kids on Monday!

4. Tuesday was Primary Election day. Chris and I went up to Vegas High School after work to vote. I was very disappointed at how few of people there were there! I realize that many people early vote however when I got on the Secretary of States website and noticed that only 30% of registered voters in the state of Nevada came out to vote I was livid! My problem with people that don't vote is this: They are always the first to complain about whoever won or what that person is doing! (or so it seems) If you vote I feel you have a little more room to complain because you "tried" to solve a problem. I had a co-worker say to me on Wednesday, "I bet you didn't even vote." to which I replied, "Did you seriously just say that to me? As a woman and a Mormon we had to fight to get the right to vote, it is my duty to vote!" This man just stared at me with big eyes. This is probably because I am not a forceful person at work. I will give my opinion when asked it, however I never throw out my thoughts on things if they are not welcomed. I feel kinda silly pulling the "Woman" card but I actually did! Plus this guy is a Really Really Really Far Left Democrat that believes everything negative and pushes his opinion on everyone! Needless to say I have strong feelings toward voting and it being our duty as citizens to do so! I do not mean to offend anyone that did not vote, however I would ask that you think about it next time............. And vote for Jerry Wiese, Judge, Dept 30! :)

5. Chris started his first clinical this Monday. His schedule is 7:30am-4pm. It has been quite a production making sure the Clinician received everything that they needed. Chris had to go get a few shots and different other items all while watching the kids. He did a great job managing it all! So far only 4 days into the clinical he is still enjoying it, which is a good thing! Chris has been getting up early for about a month now so he can shower, get dressed and ready his scriptures. He did this pretty much the whole time he was off of school which I think is amazing. Any chance I get to sleep in, I take it! He even gets up early on Saturdays!

6. The other day Chris was told he needed to start eating a little healthier for his cholesterol and something else. So he purchased some frozen fish fillets. He informed me that he was going to be making dinner one night, bar-b-que fish and potatoes. I prepped myself that whole day to eat fish, which I hate! So we sat down for dinner, I got the kids' potato ready and got them going and tried my fish. It was actually quite delicious. Chris had found a recipe for a rub and that made all the difference. (I think the prep talk had worked as well!)

7. The other day I received some disheartening news about girl that I had the opportunity of getting to know better from being in YW. It hit me pretty hard that night and even effected my sleep a bit. The next morning while getting ready for church I had the thought that these girls need to realize and be told how important they are and how special they are. So for YW that day, Sister Nelson gave the "thought" instead of one of the girls. I told them how they should never settle for anything less than what they deserve and told them how much I enjoyed and love them. Before I received the calling to YW I was pretty unsympathetic. If they messed up it was their fault, it was their responsibility to fix it. Although ultimately it is still "their" responsibility I feel a lot more responsibility to help show them how they can fix it and how they can prevent it! This has been a true blessing in my life. This lesson has opened my eyes to opportunities for me to help someone in need and from doing that has blessed me greatly! I love the YW in our ward as if they were my own daughter, (pretty much!) When they accomplish something I rejoice for them, and when they fail at something my heart sorrows for them. I know these girls are future mothers, leaders and examples and it makes me feel a great responsibility in my calling! I have been given a tremendous opportunity to serve with some AMAZING women who have set wonderful examples for me. These women have become dear friends and true confidants!

8. Lately I have been thinking about going back to school. Chris and I have discussed this and decided that I will go back to school when he is finished with school. I'm excited to go back to school one day but have no idea what I'd major in. My original major was going to be Secondary Education, then it when to Hotel Management, then I changed it to Finance with a minor in Auditing and last it was Accounting. I'm leaning towards to Accounting just because it seems I would be able to do that from home, however I'm not completely convinced that is what I really want to do! Thoughts of being a nurse have passed my mind as well as a Physical Therapist Assistant, Massage Therapy and even lawyer! The lawyer one is a little out there, but I do find the Financial Regulations to be entertaining and would love to educate people on them. My ideal job besides mother would be to stand in front of 100's of people and teach them about something, like Banking Compliance. But I don't even know how you get a job like that.... And how boring does that sound to the rest of the world?

Well that is just a little glimpse of what goes on inside my brain when I'm left with enough time and silence to myself!


The Williams Family said...

You do have a lot going on in your mind, but I like it. =)

Keever Family said...

I understand the getting older part. Because it took us 6 1/2 years to have them, my hips haven't been the same! And I was finding myself looking forward to minor milestones in the kid's life, but realized if I kept doing that I would miss so much! Like making sure they know and like saying Thank You!

tiffunny said...

gotta love Meatloaf! one of my hubby's all time favorites.

Get Hooked said...

I don't know how I missed this post. Love all the random thoughts. You ane a super momma.