Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Katelee is 9 Months Old

It's hard for me to believe that my little lady is already 9 months old! Seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital! She is a lot of fun to have in the house and definitely has her own personality! She is very opinionated and likes things her way. Ethan was such an easy go lucky kid, Katelee is the complete opposite!
Katelee official has two teeth. She also has less hair than Ethan did at this time! By this time for Ethan he had already had a haircut and was probably in need of another one! Katelee still cries in the middle of the night. Most nights I just let her cry, unless it is a scream that isn't normal for her! Ethan was a very good sleeper at this age... Katelee is finally getting an appetite, however she is still picky with her bottles and who feeds them to her. There can't be much going on around her when it's time to eat one or it's just not going to happen. Katelee is an early bird, you can count on her being up around 6:15-6:30 every morning, but sometimes she is sweet and goes back to sleep! (this is very rare, but happens everyone once in a while) She has started army crawling, and loves to bounce on her hands and knees, but when she wants to get somewhere she will pull herself around on her belly! Keeps the wood floors clean, but gets her clothes all kinds of crazy dirty! She loves her binky, she can even scream and cry bloody murder with her binky still in her mouth! It's quite amazing. She loves to have her legs crossed at her ankles, many nights we find her asleep on her belly with her ankles crossed, or even with her butt in the air and her ankles crossed. Katelee still adores her brother and especially loves to chew on his shoes that he throws at her in the car! Overall Katelee is a happy girl most of the time. She gets grouchy when she doesn't get her way, but what girl doesn't?
I decided to add a picture of Ethan at the age of 9 months. They have the same cheeks and nose!


Heidi said...

That is crazy that that picture of Ethan is 9 months old!! He looks so grown up!! Katelee is adorable!! Sounds like we might have another Allie on our hands here...opinionated, stubborn, likes things her way...aaaahhhh, sounding VERY familiar!! Good luck!!

Steph said...

Oh, she is so cute. I can't beleive she is 9 months already but then I guess if the girls are a year she wasn't far behind. I was thinking the same thing as heidi. Ethan looks alot bigger. Are you sure he is 9 months in that pic? haha

tiffunny said...

She's a cutie. it goes by way too quickly doesn't it?