Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bio on Chris

Chris turned the big 3-0 in June and amazingly is still alive! He is in his last semester of school at UNLV, when he will get his undergrad in Kinesiology. Chris is very excited to start applying for Physical Therapy schools in December. He has narrowed his 5 choices down to 2 in Vegas, 1 in Utah, 1 in Mesa and 1 in San Antonio. We are hoping for Vegas or San Antonio but we’ll see. PT school is quite tough to get into so he’ll be glad with an acceptance letter anywhere! Chris has really enjoyed learning about the body and it’s structure and loves to share his knowledge with anyone that will listen. (even his wife in labor)
Chris currently holds two church callings. He is one of the Gospel Doctrine Instructors and also the 1st counselor in the Elders Quorum. He has really enjoyed getting to know more of the families in the ward. Chris’ testimony remains strong and he still get very emotional when talking about Iceland, his ancestors, the church and his family. Chris is a great father and husband who loves spending time with his family! He helps get Ethan ready for bed every night no matter how much homework or studying he has to do. He ends every night by checking on his son who is asleep and then kissing his wife good-night. Chris truly loves being a father and Husband.


Heidi said...

Congrats on setting up a blog!! How exciting!!! Now just remember to update regularly so we can all stay up to date with you guys!!!

Sweet post about your hubby too!!

tiffunny said...

I have been wondering when you of all people would start a blog cause you signed up to read all of ours. I'm glad you finally jumped on the bandwagon cause I don't get to see you guys nearly enough and have only seen Ethan like 2 times his whole life - and that's just sad. So with the new little one due to arrive any day now, I'm excited to keep more "in the loop'!

tiffunny said...

I'm dying to see pics of that baby soon!!!

Liesl said...

Ok welcome to the blog world cuz! I'm so excited:) Watch out for my sisters cause they get crazy if you don't post often. Trust me I know from experience